Americas Most Wanted
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Amy Hartman’s play “America’s Most Wanted ” had its latest staged reading and the Manhatten Theatre Club on Febuary 4th, 2007 and was a great success. Walter Crowley is running from Ohio to Los Vegas in his daughter’s falcon when he drops into Truth or Consequences, New Mexico for the night. When he meets Carlotta a Cuban refugee barmaid (who has tied her daughter up to the swimming pool fence and steals his falcon to take care of some unfinished business in Silver City) something in him begins to stir. He’d be okay-dokay if it weren’t for the rapping dead girl oracle (he thought he shot back in the Piggley Wiggley) he sees swirling in the blue of the television light trying to get him to shoot himself. When Carlotta returns she finds Walter, who has transformed into his alias Riff.K. Willee (wife killer) a country western karaoke crooner, threatening to kill her daughter. The question is whether Carlotta’s compassion is strong enough to help him piece the truth of what really happened back together and transform him back.

America’s Most Wanted – Playbill
America’s Most Wanted – 10 Page Sample

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