Pittsburgh Filmmaker’s Class Schedule

Amy Hartman’s Voice over Filmmaker’s Weekly Schedule

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This class is for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. It’s very individualized. There is no class critique. This is designed to free the actor from self censoring and inhibition. I will direct you, give you options but it is a class designed to encourage creativity and progress not perfection.

Each class will begin with a formal warm up and relaxation techniques. The most important aspect of voice over is to relax so you can have a blast and discover your most creative self. We spend  a lot of time working on relaxing so you can free up your imagination.

This class is yours, so if there is something specific you want to work on such as more Broadcast or cartoon rather than narration or Promo this can be individually flexible in terms of copy you bring in and record.

The Studio we will be working in some of the time is a full service professional recording studio downtown. The address is One Market Street. There is parking across the street and meter parking as well. It is on the corner of Market Street and Fort Pitt Blvd. You can check them out at www.marketstreetsound.net my website is www.amyhartman.net


Week one.  January 17th. Meet and greet, go over schedule, demonstrate by listening to a number of Vo demo’s. Go over different kinds of demos. We will begin with Broadcast demo. Questions. Homework: Bring in 2 typed contrasting broadcast commercials.

•Week two. January 24th. Read contrasting broadcast commercials.  Break down script into beats. Discuss where to get demo copy and why. Homework: bring in 2 typed contrasting broadcast commercials taken from direction on where to find copy and in what form it should be in.

•Week three. January 31. Studio. Class will meet at Market Street Sound and record one of the commercial demos. Homework:  research four national agency websites and listen to 4 demos.

•Week four. February 7. Discuss the commonality of research national voice over demos. Discuss and dissect what qualities make a marketable demo. Homework: Bring in 2 typed contrasting Public service announcements. You will be giving these to your fellow actors.

•Week Five.  February 14th. Class will meet in studio.  Class will cold read public service announcements given by fellow class mates without any rehearsal. Homework: Bring in typed 2 copies of Car commercial, hospital commercial, young mom, dad, grandmom, granddad, public service,  junk food ad.  Homework:  Find an ad that is the scariest for you to do. Type it bring it in.

•Week Six. February 21st. Class will read the scary copy. We will break it down, use relaxation techniques. Introduce narration demo. Homework: Bring in typed narration copy.

•Week Seven. February 28th Class will read narration. These can be rehearsed and we will work on how to approach them technically. Homework: Rehearse narration at home on web listen to narration demos on agency websites.

•Week Eight. March 6th. Class will meet at Market Street Sound. Record Narration copy. Discuss Promo copy. Homework: Bring in 2 contrasting Promo copy.

•Week Nine. March 13th. Class will discuss Promo demos.  Begin audition techniques.  What to wear, how to relax, how to prepare, how to separate yourself. Homework: prepare your most successful piece. This class will be about learning to take direction in an audition.

•Week Ten. March 20th. Class will meet at Market Street Sound in a simulated audition setting. Then meet and break down with questions and comments.

•Week Eleven. March 27th. Voice and speech warm up. Bring a blanket, a cork and if possible a recording device. This class will be about creating a vocal warm up and relaxation technique. Homework: Bring in typed  cartoon promo.

•Week Twelve. April 3rd. Vocal warm up. The cartoon and character work breakdown. Homework: bring in two contrasting cartoon promos. Homework: bring in a list of what you believe to be your positive attributes in voice over. Your strengths.

•Week Thirteen. April 10th.   Class will meet at Market Street Sound and record two contrasting cartoon promos in a simulated audition setting.  I will meet with each of you separately to go over what you need to work on and what especially where you have grown. This is a private session for you to ask questions. Bring in all the copy you have compiled. We will discuss where individually you can go from here. As soon as you are done you may leave. A sign up time sheet will be available when you arrive. This is first come first serve.

•Final Class. April 17th. Vocal warm up. Rehash class. Bring in all copy typed in a folder.  Marketing. This is a lecture class on marketing techniques including a rehash on auditioning, where and how much a demo costs, who to send it to and how to do a balance sheet. This is a class about the business of vo’s.  bring a notebook. Ask questions.

•Please know at any time you may call me at 412-654-1137. Or email me ah.playwright@gmail.com. I’m so excited. Teaching is always an honor and I am really excited to get started!